Work & Callouts?
Before applying to join the team as an operational member we would recommend you speak to your employer about how they could support you. Some employers will allow team members to leave work should NSAR be called out by Northamptonshire Police.
When we are called out by the Police the call handler will notify team members via text message to ask if you are available and the times you’re available. We understand that not everyone can attend every call out but being a member of NSAR is a big commitment and all volunteers are expected to attend as many fundraising events, training and deployments as possible.

Training location and times?
We run a few training sessions each month, usually starting around 1900 hours and lasts for 2 hours. Training can be held anywhere in the County, but it is usually held in a central location.

How are we funded?
We receive no government funding and we are funded entirely by charitable donations. To raise funds we provide marshalling to local events, have stands at supermarkets and fairs/fates and have collection tins at businesses throughout the County (along with any other ideas we can come up with).
All team members need to take their turn assisting the fundraising team with events.

Want to help with fundraising but without going on callouts? Then click HERE to find out more.

Criteria to become a full member
All volunteers need to be a minimum of 18 years old (we do not have an upper age limit & have a few volunteers who are retired) all team members must pass a Police check
Fitness: All of our operational volunteers need to pass the Lowland Rescue fitness test annually. This is a 5-mile walk carrying your standard search kit (approx. 5-10 kg) and must be completed within 2 hours.
Team kit (first aid equipment, maps, 5 person shelter, etc) are all supplied, along with safety kit (helmets, flotation devices, buoyancy aids, throw lines, etc).
Personal equipment (rucksack, boots, walking gear, torches, personal first aid kit, etc) is an individual team member responsibility. We are a small charity with a limited budget, and as much as we would like to kit each member out fully, funds just do not allow for that at this moment in time. We do get very good rates from various suppliers, so team members are able to purchase their uniform at a fraction of the retail price.
Training: All training is provided to our volunteers. we only have 2 intake a year is due to the length of time it takes to get our volunteers fully trained.
To qualify as a Search Technician all our volunteers need to hold a First Aid qualification this is provided at no cost to the individual.
New search technicians also need to complete a Basic Search Technician course, held over a weekend in the Northamptonshire. This course is run by the team and volunteers only need to pay for food and accommodation.

We have several vehicles in the team’s fleet. Operational team members are allowed to drive these vehicles. Basic criteria is that you should be over 25 years old and have a full UK Driving licence. We’ll go through full details if your application is successful. You must, however, have access to your own vehicle to respond to callouts.

We currently have 1 operational search dog and two trainee search dogs. You will be able to assist with training of the dogs and can act as a support for the dog unit. To be able to train your own search dog you must have 12 months service with NSAR. You will also be required to attend dog training sessions during your own training, probation and whilst a full member.

Contact Us

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