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How We Train.

To stay operational, a team member must attend at least 6 live or mock searches a year however you are encouraged to attend as many as possible.

Alongside mock searches, the team holds training evenings at least every two weeks where you could cover a number of topics from first aid to navigation. It is essential to keep your skills up to date and refreshed in order for your team to function effectively and efficiently.

Below you can find out how you begin your training as a Search Technician for NSAR and also you can find a couple of videos which show how we operate.


*DISCLAIMER* The videos are dated and show our old ICU which is now no longer in use.

This short video shows how the team could conduct a search in an unusual setting, such as a building site. Winvic building site at Raunds, Northamptonshire kindly allowed us to train there a couple of years ago to see how the team would operate and how we could improve our search technique in such an environment

A short documentary following how we conduct a typical search from start to finish. Not to mention a quick interview with one of our dog handlers; Ian. A big thank you to the students from Northamptonshire University for producing this.

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