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Are you interested in joining NSAR?


NSAR team members are all unpaid volunteers, who give their time freely but come from all walks of life, from different age groups, backgrounds, have different levels of experience and live across the county.

We are interested to hear from people who feel they have what it takes to be a Lowland Rescue search technician.  But, before you apply, it’s important to consider how much of a commitment it will be – not just from you, but also your families – in both time and money.

We regularly train 2-3 times a week (depending on specialist roles) and like to see members get involved in all areas of team support activities from fundraising and events to weekly vehicle/equipment maintenance checks. 


We are looking for both fully operational members and active supporters who may just be interested in helping at fundraising events or assisting with vehicle & equipment maintenance.

Please email to register your interest

Recruitment Process

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