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At Northamptonshire Search and Rescue, we use a large variety of equipment that helps us find missing people and assist them with any injuries that they might have sustained. Here you can find some of the equipment we use and their uses. Each team member has to purchase their own personal kit excluding an ID card and a class 3 Hi-Vis jacket.


Personal Kit.

Each team member is required to purchase their own personal kit. How they carry their kit is up to them. The two most popular ways to carry kit is either a rucksack or a load vest. Both have their pros and cons so it is down to the individual to decide what is best for them. 

There are some requirements for the kit, however. For example, our uniform is black trousers and a red polo, t-shirt, coat, etc. Then for our equipment, a typical search technician will have a few torches, notepad and pen, compass, penknife/multitool, whistle, gloves and, some evidence bags.

Each team member is also required to carry their own personal first aid kit. This is to ensure that they can carry on with minimal effect on the team if they were to sustain a small injury as well as to start treating a casualty before our first responders arrive on the scene with the medic bags or/and until an ambulance arrives.

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When you join Northamptonshire Search & Rescue, you are expected to purchases the majority of your kit yourself to keep overall team costs down. As a Lowland Rescue member, however, you do get excellent rates from various suppliers. Team members generally chose between having a loadvest/tacvest to carry their equipment or a rucksack. There are pros and cons to both.

Here you can see what a typical team member will wear whilst out on a search:

- Loadvest/tacvest

- Outdoor Trousers (Thermal leggings optional in the winter months)

- Polo displaying the team logo

- Waterproof Hiking Boots

- Personal First Aid Kit

- Water bottle & Food

- Bump Cap

- Red Waterproof coat

Each team member carries a variety of equipment. This can vary from person to person but in general, each team member should carry the following items: 

- NSAR ID Badge

- Gloves/Work Gloves

- Compass

- Notepad with Pen/Pencil

- Whistle

- Food & Drink (Whilst out searching)

- Rucksack/Tacvest

- Torch (LED)

- Head Torch (LED)

- Spare Batteries

- Mobile Phone

- Evidence Bags

- Crime scene Police Tape

- Route Marking Tape

- Penknife/Multitool

- Personal First Aid Kit

- Map case

- Trekking Pole/stick

- GPS Unit

- Suncream

- Tissues/toilet paper

- Folding chair

- Spare Torch

- Radio (Provided before going out on a search)

- Hand warmers

- Battery Bank

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First aid kit contents.jpg

Every team member is required to carry their own personal first aid kit. The kit should contain enough to deal with small, minor injuries for yourself and to begin to deal with a casualty until the larger medical bags arrive. A typical first aid kit should contain the following items:

- Tough Cut Scissors

- CPR Face Shield

- Assorted Waterproof Plasters

- Blister Plasters

- Nitrile Gloves

- Face Mask (COVID-19)

- Sterile Cleansing Wipes

- Steri-Strips

- Gauze Swabs

- Foil Blanket

- Burn Dressing

- Sterile Saline Pods

- Paracetamol/Ibuprofen

- Tweezers

- Fabric Adhesive Dressing

-  Cotton Crepe Bandage

- No.1 Ambulance Dressing

- No.2 Ambulance Dressing

- No.3 Ambulance Dressing

- T4 Trauma dressing

- CAT Tourniquet


Brenda - Our Incident Control Unit

Our Incident Control Unit is a brand new asset to the team, representing a near £70,000 investment. “Brenda” is the ICU (Incident Control Unit) and named after a long term supporter’s late mother. This vehicle offers a mobile operation command for missing person searches and other incidents. Onboard it has 2 x PCs, Mobile 4G Wifi, GPS enabled tracking of team members and assets, full UK digital mapping, and printing facilities, Offering 3 x 21-inch monitors, and a 38-inch command screen. In addition, offering a seated command position for Police and Fire officers, with connections for their equipment. The vehicle is also future-proofed ready for Drone downlinks and next-generation equipment. The Vehicle was custom-designed, engineered, and built by Vehicle Conversion Specialists (VCS Ltd). Click here to scroll to the bottom of the page to find a video tour of this vehicle.

“Poppy” is the OSU (Operational Support Unit). It is a 4x4 capable vehicle, able to transport 5 team members and all their equipment to any location in the county. Onboard it also carries access and rescue equipment, Medical resources, and collapsible stretchers. Based on a highly capable Toyota Hilux, this will serve in all locations and conditions with lifesaving reliability. Onboard is also a high powered VHF Radio which allows team members to communicate securely over long distances. Her name is, in memory of all those lost in wars and conflict before, one of the original purposes of Search & Rescue teams.

Poppy - Our Operational Support Vehicle

Our most recent vehicle "Mercy", was designed to replace the teams aging land rover. She is a purpose-built Mercedes Benz, AWD sprinter, capable of transporting team members, rescue equipment and potentially casualties from remote locations to definitive care.  The vehicle carries on board water rescue equipment, medical supplies and our stretchers.  She is fitted with external scene lighting and internal 12v and 240v power points. Designed with a 10 year service life, she's a modern vehicle with many years service to come

ICU Tour.

New Vehicle Launch.

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