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26th October 2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

***CALLOUT to assist Northamptonshire Police***

The team have been called to assist Northamptonshire Police in searching for a high risk missing person.


Good news, another missing person found alive. Yesterday the team deployed to assist Northamptonshire Police in a search for a missing person.

The team planners analysed the information, using statistical planning and experience deployed teams to locations of high probability.

Foot teams on scene rapidly located the missing person who was poorly, at almost the same time as two members of the public. Team doctor and 3 first responders began treatment, while the teams off road ambulance and support vehicle were deployed to the location.

The missing person being transported in our vehicle to a waiting East Midlands Ambulance Service vehicle, and a location coordinated using what3words. Another life saved.

We also wish to extend thanks to two dog walkers who were on scene at the same point as the team, and want to thank Services Club Desborough for allowing us the use of their carpark and facilities. Thanks to Leicestershire Search and Rescue for support also.

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