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2 call outs and a serious injury to our search dog, Ted

*Spoiler alert... Ted is recovering well, but keep reading!

Mid afternoon on Wednesday 1st December we received a call to support the search for a vulnerable missing person in the Kingsthorpe area of Northampton.

This person had been missing for many hours in very cold conditions so there was significant concern for their safety. We sent out an initial team to run a 'hasty' search of a local golf club together with some police officers that were assisting. As other team members were getting ready to search, the good news came through that missing person had returned home safe and well.

However the NSAR team members would have to wait a little longer before they could return to their warm homes. No sooner had we packed up the first search than we had to deploy to an RVP 3 miles away to start the search for another vulnerable missing person. Similarly, this person had also been missing for many hours in freezing conditions and as the night closed in, the temperatures were dropping perilously low.

16 NSAR members were deployed in the search effort together with an additional 10 from Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and Midshires Search and Rescue teams.

We had also deployed our search dog Ted and handler Ian to search a densely wooded area of countryside. The speed with which Ted can search thick wooded terrain is a real advantage to the team and enables us to search large difficult areas very quickly with minimal resources. However, on this occasion Ted sustained a nasty injury and was rushed to the vets. It transpired that Ted had unfortunately ran into a large stick / branch which had penetrated his chest resulting in a large wound. His handler, Ian, immediately took him to the nearest vets and after surgery late last night we were all relieved to hear that Ted is now recovering and resting at home. He was ultimately very fortunate that the stick had managed to avoid all major blood vessels and his lungs by millimetres.

After a late night of searching in very cold temperatures, combined with the injury to Ted, we were all pleased to discover this morning that the missing person had been located in the early hours and was receiving treatment.

In total, 26 Lowland Rescue members and 1 search dog attended this search in tough conditions dedicating over 60 person hours in the search for these missing people so it great to have a positive result with both missing people being found and now being provided with the support they need.

Rest up Ted. We'll see you out there again when you are fully recovered!

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