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4th September 2021 - 2 call outs in a day!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

A busy day for Northamptonshire Search & Rescue.

Firstly, at 1:45 am, the team were called out by Northamptonshire Police to search for a vulnerable missing person in the east of the county. The RVP was within 2 minutes of a team members address, who was able to mobilise very quickly and start a search with the Police whilst other members made their way to the location. Shortly afterwards, the missing person was located by Police and the team were stood down.

This proved to be the first call out for our newest qualified search technician, Dave, who had only been signed off the day before. Dave had just finished playing a gig at a local music venue when the call came and was able to find a local phone box to transform from 'rock star' to 'search technician'. Great work Dave!

The second call out came at 12:10 pm to search for a high risk missing person only a couple of miles from away from the location of first incident of the day. Team members were on the ground within 15 minutes to liaise with police and develop the full search plan. Whilst other members were travelling to the RVP, the first team member went out with a police search team and we are pleased to say that they quickly located the missing person and transferred them to the care of the local Ambulance Service.

Well done to all the team members that were able to attend these call outs. You all deserve a rest now!

Another successful day for NSAR and 2 more lives saved!

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