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Another life saved in a fast paced rescue and recovery

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Early afternoon on Saturday 4th December, NSAR were called out by Northamptonshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable missing person in the north of the county.

As the first members arrived at the planned RVP, we were informed by the police that the missing person had been located by a member of the public and was in need of urgent medical attention. The team, supported by Northamptonshire Police, moved swiftly to the approximate location of the misper and managed to locate them in a wooded area.

After an initial medical assessment, the misper was stabilised and put into an emergency survival bag to prevent any deterioration in their body temperature. They were then moved onto a stretcher and extracted through the woods to the nearest accessible location to be met by an ambulance where they were transferred for further assessment and care.

This was a very fast paced rescue and recovery and thanks to the quick actions of the NSAR team members, further escalation of the mispers condition was prevented.

Another life saved thanks to our volunteers!

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