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'Quiz Night' abandoned to search for a missing person

Thursday mid afternoon, many NSAR members thoughts were turning to our charity quiz night being held at The Bell Inn, Finedon. Outfits were being chosen, lifts being arranged and no doubt some last minute cramming on 1980's chart toppers and capital cities of obscure countries was taking place.

However, these plans swiftly changed as the team received a call out to search for a vulnerable missing person in the Burton Latimer area of the county. 19 members arrived to search open fields, wooded areas and farmland for the misper in very cold conditions.

Thankfully after a number of hours, the police had gained further information as to the whereabouts of the missing person which led to the team being stood down. All teams returned to the RVP to be greeted by some well earned pizza and the usual NSAR feeding frenzy ensued.

After demolishing 14 Pizzas, there was just time for some team members to make an appearance at the Bell Inn to thank the landlords, Den & Jo, Barmaid Emma and the 'quizzers' themselves for putting on an excellent evening and raising a fantastic £650 of much needed funds for Northamptonshire Search & Rescue. Thank you to everyone involved!

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