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Searching for a missing person in the Raunds countryside

At 3:20 pm on the 18th November we received a callout from Northamptonshire police to help in the search for a vulnerable missing person in Raunds.

The lady had gone missing from her home a few hours earlier so we quickly mobilised our team and vehicles to an RVP just outside the town. We were kindly allowed to set up our RVP in a farm courtyard which left some of the local residents intrigued.

Initial search teams went out to search the housing estates and countryside and farmland in the immediate vicinity of her last know location. There were quickly supported by our drone team and then the National Police Air Service helicopter to give as a much greater coverage of the local area as darkness fell.

In total we had 17 members of NSAR searching for the lady together for a total of 53 person hours as well as support from neighbouring teams from Leicestershire and Midshires Search & Rescue.

At around 7 pm, we had further information from the police that the woman had been identified in another area of the county and shortly afterwards she was located and treated for minor injuries as the team were stood down.

Whilst NSAR didn't directly locate her, our quick response to search the immediate area around her home enabled the police to be free to pursue other enquiries which ultimately led to them locating this missing person and ensuring she was safe so another successful outcome for the team!

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