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Searching the countryside in the early hours

At 1:53 am on Monday 13th September, the team were called out by Northamptonshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable missing person in the Brixworth area of the county.

Our team members love a good torch!

The suspected location of the misper was in the countryside and so as well as 9 team members, our drone and dog teams were requested to aid with the search. The drone identified a number of heat sources (likely wildlife) and our search dog, Ted, had great fun drawing a 'gps self portrait' as he went about his search.

Can you see a dog.. or is it just me?

We are pleased to report that the misper was found just before dawn by a joint NSAR and Police search team where they were checked over before being taken to the local hospital. We wish them a full recovery.

Another life saved thanks to the dedication of our volunteers!

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